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CAS No.:62-73-7
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid
A.I. content: ≥95%
Water: ≤0.05%
Acidity (as H2SO4): ≤0.2%
Uses:Control of household and public health insect pests, e.g. flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, etc.; stored-product pests in warehouses, storerooms, etc.; flies and midges in animal houses; sciarid and phorid flies in mushrooms; sucking and chewing insects, and spider mites in a wide range of crops, including fruit, vines, vegetables, ornamentals, tea, rice, cotton, hops, glasshouse crops, etc. Also used as a veterinary anthelmintic.
Product name:DICHLORVOS 95% TECH